AI for Knowledge Discovery

We'll help integrate AI-Powered-Search into your platform.
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Mighty Inference

Embeddings, Question Answering, Entity Recognition, and more for any product.

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We advise and integrate advanced content AI with your team.

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Expand your skillset with our expert coaches and trainers.

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Mighty Inference Server

The perfect AI microservice.

Deploying AI to production is expensive and painful. But it shouldn't be. We believe integrating AI should be predictable, easy, and freely scalable.

We built Mighty Inference Server to take the pain out of model hosting and performance tuning, to automatically give you the highest possible throughput, to empower you to scale with predictable costs, on your terms in your stack.

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Consulting Services

Get the leg up on competition.

We help bring your products to the forefront of technology. Our experts work along side your team to deliver content understanding, vector/hybrid search solutions, chatbots, and more. Be the disruptor, not the disruptee!

Case Study:See how we directly increased customer satisfaction for complex queries in a world leading Clinical Decisions platform. Watch the video on YouTube.

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We help teams, teachers, and organizations learn to leverage AI for good.

From basic awareness to expert advancement, we train you to be prepared and able to leverage AI in your workday, classroom, organization, or product.

Private Companies: This hands-on deep dive teaches you how to get a vector/hybrid solution with RAG (retrieval augmented generation) to production effectively.

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Schools and Teachers: Adapt to changing technology, empower students, and run an informed and prepared classroom.

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Government: Learn the advantages and disadvantages of AI, and how to use it for public good.

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